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“ It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us
fathers and sons.”

About Man2man

The program is designed to provide fathers with the necessary skills to bond with their children. The program will assist the parent in developing a rapport with his child and enabling him to relate to the child’s needs. It is conducted in a relaxed environment to promote interaction and confidence of the participating fathers. The class also addresses the situations of controversy between mother and father and resolution options. Promoting the well being of the child and the respect for one another as a primary objective. A common goal is emphasized, which is the child, to increase the civility of all parties involved in order to encourage a productive environment. The text used is the “Inside Outside Dad” along with role playing, video excerpts, and professional specialists to address various topics.

We are proud to announce that our program recently received a $1,000 grant from the Vernon L. Odom Fund of Akron Community Foundation.

Check out the video from a past participant in our program.

Ten (10) Week Program

Week 1: Promoting Punctuality & Responsibility (Setting Goals)
Participants will review the positive aspects of punctuality. Various scenarios will be given and evaluated by participants of situations regarding punctuality and the results of continued tardiness. Keeping your word promotes trust and strengthens relationships. Being punctual, on time and taking responsibility for your word is a necessary behavior to develop. If you say you’re going to do something, do what you say.
Week 2: Effective Communication Love & Relationships
The art and technique of effectively communicating with mother and the child will be discussed. Tone, temper and listening skills will be reviewed. What is the most effective way to communicate a disagreement? When is a good time to listen? How does body language effect communication? Learn how to effectively talk to your mate, friend, lover, or someone of conflicting opinions. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you cannot communicate effectively with them.
Week 3: The Role of The Father
Learn the skill of caring for children from the male perspective of parenting. What are the needs of the child from a father? What is the exclusive provision of a father that mother may not be able to provide? What does a father provide exclusive of a mother?
Week 4: How To Apply For A Job
Learn skills for filling out a job application, interviewing skills, and other skill-sets for securing employment. Handling & Expressing Emotion We live in a diverse world with people of various cultures, differences, and personalities. Respect is crucial to getting along with others. Interacting respectfully with people allows you to work more effectively with all types of people.
Week 5: The Role Of Manhood
Remembering The Past Does being a man mean dominance over others and that you’re in charge? What does the role of manhood really entail? Fathers’ Rights What are the rights of a father? Can I see my child if I’m paying child support but there’s conflict in the relationship?
Week 6: Criminal Records
Learn how to get criminal records expunged. Assistance with this procedure to expunge prior offenses will be reviewed.
Week 7: Transitions
Talk about change: Real change begins on the inside, and is seen on the outside.
Final Weeks: The Real Man
The class will review the components that build the real man. The character, the discipline, the responsibility, the passion and the devotion that contribute to the whole man. The class format will include guest speakers on related topics that enhance individual skills on Fatherhood. The class will also incorporate video presentations that display descriptive examples that relate to specific skills of parenting.

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